Trauma Informed Care to Help You Feel Whole Again

There may be things in your daily life that you have noticed to be difficult to manage. If your emotional state is one of those things, it is important to know that you are not alone and that your experience may be a symptom of PTSD. If you find that managing emotions is a daily struggle, that you are consistently unable to calm down after feeling strong emotions, or that the small annoyances you experience leave a lingering effect in your mind, then it is possible that you may be responding to trauma that you have previously experienced.

It can be difficult to understand why you find yourself sad, scared, or angry when you experience things that may have never caused these reactions before. With PTSD, smells and sounds can cause emotional reactions as your brain responds to the trauma you have previously experienced. Without fully comprehending why you are experiencing these emotional responses, managing your emotional state can be challenging and difficult to explain why you are feeling how you do to those around you. 

At our Drug Rehab, we provide professional and trauma informed care for PTSD that works to provide long-term solutions for your emotional distress. Trauma based recovery gives you the tools to treat not only the symptoms, but the root causes of PTSD that can create difficult emotions that lead to unhealthy behavioral patterns. This holistic approach to your PTSD treatment provides a path towards healing that will remain with you after your time at our facility. PTSD has symptoms that can be quite disruptive to living a healthy life on a daily basis. Our specialized trauma informed care will help you in your recovery from the trauma you have experienced in order to empower you to live confidently and have better control of your emotions.

The effects of PTSD include particular symptoms like: obsessive thought patterns, being easily startled, and having flashbacks that leave can leave people unable to determine if they are experiencing a traumatic event or remembering one. Unlike those who have experienced typical stress situations, someone who has been sexually or physically assaulted, has witnessed violence, or has been involved in combat, cannot adjust and heal to their trauma simply by allowing time to pass. If you feel that you have been shifting your entire life around these reactions and emotions, you can find help with our licensed trauma informed care.

If you are looking for a place to help you take your life back and live without fear, then our Drug Rehab Centers is a wonderful choice. You do not need to feel hopeless or stranded in your feelings as if you are simply observing your life instead of living it. Trauma informed care for PTSD is a proven and an effective approach that can give you the keys back to finding happiness and wholeness in your life. 

What is Trauma Informed Care?

We provide trauma informed care, which means our facility and staff focus on identifying, understanding, and properly treating all sources of trauma. Traumatic experiences make an impact that can be difficult for someone experiencing the symptoms of PTSD, addiction, or both, to recognize and understand. Trauma informed care provides the complete set of resources you need for working through the effects of trauma by addressing the specific trauma that you have experienced. At our Drug Rehab, you are able to receive trauma informed care that provides the resources and clinical help that you need to treat your PTSD to heal in a way that prepares you to live a happy and full life. 

At times, you may feel poorly about yourself and feel as though you are unable to care for yourself. Trauma can cause you to shut down and make you feel the need to minimize the events that you have experienced. However, dissociation in this way is called “depersonalization” and it can leave you feeling more like a passenger in your life than a participant in what is happening. Trauma informed care gives you permission  to find healing in your traumatic experience. We know that these patterns of avoidance and dissociation are necessary coping mechanisms that your mind has created, but we want to create a better way for you as you move forward. 

Trauma informed care makes sure you understand that you do not need to feel guilty about what you experienced. Victims that have experienced extreme trauma tend to suffer with survivor’s guilt.  This is where they believe that they should have done something to avoid being hurt, when in reality it wasn’t anything that they did wrong.  Our treatment will help you understand how to forgive yourself and let go of the thoughts that are caused through the trauma you experienced.

An incredible amount of research has gone into the study of the people’s brains that have experienced trauma. The information gathered in this research has given us great insight into the ways brain activity is impacted by the trauma and resulting PTSD. The brain’s amygdala, prefrontal cortex, and hippocampus are affected greatly when you experience stress and this can cause lasting memory problems and the confusion of past events with what is happening currently. This makes it difficult for those around people who suffer from PTSD because they do not have the training and awareness for why these actions are happening.

At our Drug Rehab, the trauma informed care we provide is safe for you because our team understands what kind of behaviors people with PTSD exhibit, resulting in great assurance, help, and treatment from our team. At our facility you will be greeted with a team that focuses on the experiences you have, rather than focusing in on the ways you are struggling emotionally. Trauma informed care understands that your fear and panic is not a result of who you are, but rather the traumatic experiences and how they affect your brain. If you have experienced severe trauma and show symptoms of PTSD, you can visit our facilities and learn more about our treatment.

How Can our Drug Rehab Help with PTSD?

While trauma that results in PTSD is a difficult thing to manage and process, the trauma informed care we provide is a proven solution for those suffering with PTSD symptoms. The trauma that you have experienced may have left you feeling stuck and hopeless, but the great news about our brains is that they have the ability to be redirected and form new thought patterns. The process for healing our brains is hard work and it does not happen overnight. However, through the process that we provide, you can learn how to calm your brain, bring back memories that once felt lost, and you can fully process your trauma.

Trauma informed care for PTSD is heavily focused on helping you heal through therapy, finding the path to recovering your memories, integrating your brain and body, and finding productive solutions for your symptoms involves mindfulness. At our Drug Rehab, we work through trauma informed therapy techniques that center mindfulness, relaxation, and helping you connect your mind and your body. Your experience at our Drug Rehab will be tailored towards creating an environment that leads you towards healing with our therapists who specialize in PTSD recovery. 

One of the ways that we help with your healing from PTSD at our Rehab is by providing you with a customized therapeutic experience. When you are able to process your past experiences in a calm environment, you feel safer and the room can help ease the anxiety and panic feelings that trauma can stir up. The therapists at our facility are experts in the therapy techniques that are a part of our trauma informed care and they understand what you need in order to feel safe while working through your experiences.

If you would like to learn more about our facility and therapists, give us call to schedule a tour in order to find out if we are a good place for you to work through your PTSD recovery.

A Safe Place to Find Healing from Licensed Professionals

One of the important things to remember as you come to a place of recovery for PTSD is that your symptoms and defense mechanisms are not something to be ashamed about. While therapy will help you to integrate your thoughts and be present with your body, it is important to know that your dissociation and your trauma responses were ways that your body and brain were attempting to protect you from causing harm to yourself and others. Even dependence on alcohol or other substances is an attempt to find happiness and wholeness, and they are likely ways that you avoided other harmful behaviors.

However, at our Drug Rehab Centers, our licensed professional therapists are experts in caring for PTSD and will help you find a path towards healthy coping and addressing the trauma that you have experienced. Trauma informed care is the only proven therapy method for treating trauma and the resulting PTSD. Your brain has been changed by the trauma you have experienced, but through our holistic, trauma informed, therapy, you can move towards healing.

It is so important for those suffering with symptoms of PTSD, and addictions that are related to trauma, to get care from licensed and trained professional therapists. Not only do our licensed care professionals understand how to treat PTSD, but they understand the emotional state that PTSD creates and will treat you with care and respect. Many who suffer from PTSD bring shame about their symptoms and the actions that have resulted from these symptoms. When you arrive at our alcohol rehab, you will be met with open arms and a safe environment. Our therapists understand your situation and the ways that trauma affects those with PTSD.

Finding the level of care that can lead you to a place of peace and connection between your mind and body is hard, which is why we seek to provide help with everything from sorting through insurance issues to filling out your paperwork. Our trauma based care provides you with all of the tools you need in recovery, especially our expert therapists.

Learn More About Our Personalized Care

As you seek out your personal path towards recovering from the effects that severe trauma has had on your brain and life, you need the freedom to explore your options in a welcoming way. Our team understands the importance of helping you feel safe and comfortable during your time here and we would love to help you learn more about what we do before you make a decision.

One of the best initial entries into starting time at our Drug Rehab is by scheduling a visit. While you are taken on a tour of our facility, you will see all of the ways that we partner with our clients to help them on their personal path to recovery. You will see firsthand what our therapy includes, how daily routines work for those in our care, and what activities we will work through in order to process your trauma.

Another great part about visiting our facility is that you can talk individually with experts in trauma based care that are able to give you detailed information about the science behind our methods. Understanding exactly what happened to your brain during the traumatic event or events is helpful to many as they make a decision about their own healing process. 

If you are interested in trauma based care for PTSD and potential addictions that have stemmed as a result, then we encourage you to call us to schedule a time to visit. Seeing others that have similar experiences with PTSD and the healing that they have experienced, because of therapy and our safe environment, will give you a glimpse into the hope of recovery. During your visit we can help you understand ways that we can work with you, help you with your insurance coverage, and discuss when we can begin your journey towards a happy and healthy life.

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