There may be things in your daily life that you have noticed to be difficult to manage. If your emotional state is one of those things, it is important to know that you are not alone and that your experience may be a symptom of PTSD. If you find that managing emotions is a daily struggle, that you are consistently unable to calm down after feeling strong emotions, or that the small annoyances you experience leave a lingering effect in your mind, then it is possible that you may be responding to trauma that you have previously experienced.

It can be difficult to understand why you find yourself sad, scared, or angry when you experience things that may have never caused these reactions before. With PTSD, smells and sounds can cause emotional reactions as your brain responds to the trauma you have previously experienced. Without fully comprehending why you are experiencing these emotional responses, managing your emotional state can be challenging and difficult to explain why you are feeling how you do to those around you. 

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