What Are the Symptoms of PTSD?

In the aftermath of traumatic events, people often experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is caused by damage done to the brain when a person experiences abuse or violence. These experiences cause a trauma response from your brain and it can lead to a variety of symptoms. 

For starters, PTSD creates an increased level of anxiety for people that have experienced trauma. The communication in your brain about potential threats no longer functions the way that it did before experiencing trauma, and you may find that activities that once seemed normal are now a source of great anxiety and even panic attacks. Other people may not understand why you cannot go into the grocery store or why the sound of the train causes you to shut down, and these experiences do not create the same levels of anxiety in a brain of someone who is not experiencing PTSD. However, for a victim of abuse or violence, PTSD may make these every day occurrences into a nearly impossible situation to live. 

PTSD also results in depression for those who have experienced trauma. It is not uncommon for those suffering from PTSD to feel worthless, hopeless, and even blame themselves for the traumatic experience and the resulting depression. It can be difficult to find the will and motivation to accomplish tasks that you never had trouble accomplishing before. Where this depression differs from others is that it is caused by the damage done by trauma, and the solution lies in trauma informed care. PTSD can leave you feeling empty, but this is a symptom, not a permanent state.

The effects of PTSD on the memory are some of the most difficult symptoms people experience. In order to protect ourselves from the emotional toll of the trauma, often times memories are repressed and hidden in ways that we cannot understand. Childhood memories may no longer be accessible, and you may find that even the details of the trauma are hard for you to recover. It is not your fault, these are simply the effects of the trauma on your brain.

Many times, people that suffer from PTSD are more likely to struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. This is a symptom that results from the attempt to feel wholeness, peace, and happiness in spite of the other symptoms being caused by PTSD. In an attempt to feel better, many people self-medicate themselves and, unfortunately, this is not only unhelpful, but can be destructive to our lives.

All of the symptoms of PTSD are quite severe and can leave trauma survivors with a deep sense of hopelessness. However, expert trauma informed care at our Drug Rehab Center is a proven way to heal from the effects of trauma and the PTSD that you are currently experiencing. You can find out more by calling us today. We would love to get you set up to tour our facility and learn more about the specific ways we can help treat your PTSD symptoms and their cause.

How Can Treatment Help with PTSD Symptoms

Suffering from PTSD symptoms is a huge challenge and many times we understand that you feel like you have tried everything in order to get better. The problem with trying to resolve the symptoms of PTSD is that the symptoms are not where the problem lies. Sure, if you are using drugs to deal with the ways that PTSD has made you feel, it could be easy to think that tackling the specific symptom of drug use would be enough. This is problematic for many because trauma survivors are unable to get to the root causes of their PTSD or recognize that they have PTSD in many cases because they are more focused on the related symptoms, not the root cause.

There are many proven therapeutic techniques that help with PTSD symptoms: EMDR and CBT are just a couple of the evidence based therapies that we use and they are useful in helping the brain make new connections by helping to change the way that you feel when you experience stress. Therapeutic techniques are used with trauma survivors to help them get through the triggers that make them feel like shutting down. Eventually, through finding the right therapy techniques for each individual, we are able to help those suffering from PTSD symptoms regain normative cognitive functions and respond in healthier ways to stress.

The treatment offered at our Drug Rehab Centers combines these different therapies with counseling individually and in a group setting to provide a holistic approach to the trauma that causes PTSD. The therapeutic techniques help with creating new connections in the brain, and the counseling sessions help you work through the cause of your PTSD. Finding the root source of trauma requires a deep level of vulnerability and openness and our staff is trained and familiar with helping those with PTSD feel safe. While many people with PTSD experience hurtful questioning about their motivations and actions, we know that you are here reaching out for help and we want to encourage you to continue on your journey. As we are able to open you up to your experiences in combination with therapeutic treatment, you will begin to regain your sense of self and let go of the patterns that were holding you back.

The complete and trauma informed care that you can receive from us is a proven and tested way that people can heal from the effects of trauma and PTSD. Our goal is not simply to provide a solution for one of the PTSD symptoms, but to heal all of your symptoms by addressing the real problem. You cannot find solutions until you find yourself again. With us, you can gain your life back.

How PTSD Symptoms Lead to Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

The PTSD symptoms that people experience after traumatic events are debilitating in many ways. The anxiety, depression, memory loss, and inability to handle certain places and events leaves many feeling trapped by their experiences. When you are struggling with the effects of PTSD it can be hard to see how there is a real solution to any of it. The hopelessness experienced during depressive states is a further symptom of PTSD and it can lead to people searching for answers in all of the wrong places, which is why many who struggle with PTSD symptoms create coping mechanisms to function, but many of these coping strategies are ineffective at best and damaging at worst.

One of the most common responses from those suffering with PTSD symptoms is to turn to substances like drugs and alcohol to try and create feelings of happiness, contentment, and reduced anxiety. For many that struggle with substance abuse and have PTSD, the use of the substance is not about the substance itself, but the relief that it brings temporarily to the PTSD symptoms. While the substance abuse is an issue, it is important to understand that for someone suffering from PTSD, it is not the root problem that needs to be solved.

Another unhealthy way that people cope with PTSD symptoms is to avoid the things in life that trigger anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of PTSD. This makes living seem nearly impossible, because people feel that they are unable to do some of the basic things needed to live a happy and productive life. This avoidance can cause survivors of trauma with PTSD to have trouble finding and keeping a job, interacting with friends and family, and many other parts of life that are needed for wholeness and wellness.

If you have been using an unhealthy coping mechanism to work through PTSD symptoms, then our Drug Rehab can provide you a safe place to come to terms with the root cause of your stress. There is not any shaming or blaming of those suffering for the choices that they have made in order to feel better while suffering from PTSD symptoms.

When you receive treatment and counseling at our Alcohol Rehab, we will help you find a tangible and permanent healing for the damage caused by trauma. There are many layers to the treatments that we provide, but you need a place to reclaim who you are and not simply another place to tell you to avoid certain behaviors. While others may not understand, our team does, and we will work to make sure that you are free from the PTSD symptoms and resulting unhealthy coping mechanisms by providing the trauma informed care that you need.

PTSD Symptoms Are a Result of Damage to Your Brain From Trauma

There are many common themes present in the lives of people that suffer from PTSD symptoms. Often times, it may feel like you are completely alone and you may feel cut off from the world around you by your anxiety, depression, and dependencies. It is also quite common that those suffering with PTSD symptoms are unaware of why they are feeling this way and what the best solution is moving forward. Understanding that your symptoms are not the problem is a necessary step in finding the wholeness and wellness you desire. So, what are the causes of PTSD Symptoms?

The simple answer, is trauma. Trauma is the root of all of the symptoms of PTSD. When a person experiences violence, emotional abuse, physical abuse, or sexual abuse, their brain has undergone a traumatic event. This causes damage to the brain in areas of the amygdala and prefrontal cortex that stops your brain from being able to assess stress and threats the same way that it did before. This is what causes the PTSD symptoms of anxiety, depression, hyper emotional responses, and lack of ability to focus in many situations.

When we are able to shift our focus from the PTSD symptoms to the actual cause, it allows us to provide a solution that can actually work long term. There are specific therapy techniques and counseling for PTSD that are proven to effectively help trauma survivors heal and regain a sense of wholeness. It takes time, energy, and a lot of work, but when you work through the therapy available at our Drug Rehab, you will be able to find your way back to yourself. When you are able to finally reconnect with yourself, make new connections in your brain, and reconnect your mind with your body, you will see amazing results.

One of the most important things that we want you to remember about PTSD symptoms is that this is not your fault! As a trauma survivor, you have an experience that made a deep impact on the way that your brain works, which turned into the cause of your PTSD symptoms and resulting behavioral patterns. You may feel that no one understands, you might have had people make you feel unwanted or like something is wrong with you, but we at our Drug Rehab are here with an understanding heart and goal to heal. 

If you are experiencing the symptoms of PTSD and are looking for a treatment center that can help you work through the trauma and the resulting symptoms and addictions, then our Drug Rehab is the right place for you. There is a full and healthy life waiting for you today, so you do not have to feel alone.

Call us today to receive detailed information on PTSD, our facility, and how to set up a time to go on a tour. Now is the time to reconnect with your true self and cure your PTSD. Call us today to find out how. (949) 386-2715