Our inpatient rehab provides you with 24-hour care with trained counselors to stabilize any drug or alcohol withdrawals, mental health issues and to prepare for our outpatient treatment. Inpatient typically lasts from 30-90 days. This depends on your unique experiences as well as your financial and insurance situations. While at our drug rehab inpatient center you can expect to receive a healthy balance of intensive group, family and individual counseling work as well as release from all of your buried pain and feelings from only the most compassionate, understanding and highly qualified therapists.

This way you are able to not only receive the treatment from the best therapists, but you also are able to remain in a safe environment because you are removed from potential triggers and high-risk situations. Sometimes just being physically separated from your drug(s) of choice, that is a good enough time-out to find sanity once again!

The best and most powerful way to reverse an addiction is to surround yourself with healthy people who know how to treat the disease of addiction. If your immediate family was enough, don’t you think you would have been able to stop by now? This brings up another important aspect of treatment programming. 

Your family must receive treatment to help them address their co-dependency so they no longer enable you and at our Drug Rehab Centers you and your family will receive that help and healing. No matter how loving, kind or helpful friends and family are, if they do not recognize the warning signs or behaviors of your addiction then they cannot help you stay sober. They can only enable you to use. Together we will teach them all about you!

Here at our Drug Rehab we take great pride in the fact that you will have an individualized and specific treatment plan catered to your desires and goals in life! As time goes on, you will be able to pay that forward as new patients come in and you are now the experienced mentor, and we truly believe that service to others is a cornerstone to your recovery. 

There is something sacred about being entrusted with another human’s pain and fears and being able to walk with them until they can see the light. There is no treatment that works faster than putting aside your “self” and reaching out to help a fellow traveler.

When you come to our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Rehab, you don’t come to learn about drugs and alcohol! We figure you already know all about that. What you don’t know, because of chronic drug or alcohol use, is how to live life anymore! We teach you those “living life” skills. Staying sober will flow naturally from those skills. 

You won’t need to depend upon drugs or alcohol to deal with stress or anxiety. You won’t need to self-medicate your feelings any more. You will be able to handle things as an adult, with confidence and competence. We will help you repair relationships, create healthy boundaries, and develop new ways of looking at problems. We are only the guide; you plot the course. Let our Drug Rehab Center be your compass. Let us help you find “home”.

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