In the aftermath of traumatic events, people often experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is caused by damage done to the brain when a person experiences abuse or violence. These experiences cause a trauma response from your brain and it can lead to a variety of symptoms. 

For starters, PTSD creates an increased level of anxiety for people that have experienced trauma. The communication in your brain about potential threats no longer functions the way that it did before experiencing trauma, and you may find that activities that once seemed normal are now a source of great anxiety and even panic attacks. Other people may not understand why you cannot go into the grocery store or why the sound of the train causes you to shut down, and these experiences do not create the same levels of anxiety in a brain of someone who is not experiencing PTSD. However, for a victim of abuse or violence, PTSD may make these every day occurrences into a nearly impossible situation to live.

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