Gathering Information About PTSD Therapy

When your symptoms of PTSD start, you may experience a feeling of terror, leaving your emotional state in a place that seems nearly impossible to manage; feeling indifferent and dissociation because of the pain; and finding yourself unable to accomplish tasks the way that you have always been able to. The intense symptoms of PTSD are hard to deal with and you may not be fully aware of the source of the trauma that has left you feeling this way. If you are starting to gather information about PTSD treatment and therapy, then we would love to give you more information about PTSD counseling. Our treatment facilities are designed to provide the most expert support for those recovering from PTSD. With our licensed and expert counselors, our proven therapy methods, and our state of the art program, you can regain the life that you want for yourself and those around you.

It is a difficult first step to realize that you need help with PTSD. The truth is, traumatic events like sexual abuse and intense violence can leave the brain damaged by trauma which causes the symptoms experienced by those with PTSD. It may be the fact that you now feel easily startled or troubled by noises that used to go unnoticed; normal parts of your daily routine may now feel unmanageable and you may notice that your emotions are difficult to process; or remaining calm during any situation that involves stress may have gone from difficult to nearly impossible. All of these listed responses are common for people that have suffered from serious physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. The survival of abuse, or violence of any type, is a traumatic event in one’s life and can often times lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

One incredibly important component to the treatment for PTSD is therapy. Individual and group counseling that is specifically designed to help individuals suffering from PTSD is a core part of how our Drug Rehab works with you to help your brain heal. With our therapy staff, you get trauma informed care that will work to find the right path for you in counseling. There are many evidence-based models for PTSD therapy and your individual counseling is there for you throughout the process of healing.

When you visit our facilities, we will be able to help you understand the different ways that PTSD counseling works to help you create new connections in your brain and heal damage created by trauma. We understand that trauma affects each individual differently, there is no ‘one size fits all’ therapy for people that have PTSD. However, with our vast knowledge of effective therapeutic techniques as well as counselors that are trained specifically for PTSD counseling, we can give you the individualized approach that you need to find wholeness and wellness in your journey. There is hope for each and every person that suffers from the effects of abuse and violence, and we are ready to support you as you find the healing you need.

How PTSD Starts and How We Can Help

One of the common misunderstandings of those who struggle with substance abuse is that the substance itself is always the problem. This is not true for people that suffer from PTSD. Often times, drug and alcohol usage for PTSD patients is really just another symptom of PTSD itself. Due to the chaos that is created by trauma in the individual’s emotional state it is often easier to handle those emotions when substances are used to numb or hide the pain. The issue is still important, but we are interested in helping you find wholeness, not just kick a habit.

The cause of PTSD is trauma. Trauma happens when an individual experiences any type of emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or violence. These traumatic events cause damage to the brain, leaving it to no longer able to function the way it did before the trauma was experienced. These main causes of trauma are the source of the symptoms that those with PTSD are dealing with. Unless the care that you receive is focused on healing from the trauma, then the symptoms are not likely to go away.

It is important to understand the causes of trauma so that people that are experiencing symptoms of PTSD will be able to understand why their symptoms exist and feel more safe reaching out for help. Emotional abuse is one cause of PTSD and it may be more difficult for people to realize they have experienced it. Emotional abuse is something that someone experiences in a mental state that leaves a traumatic and lasting impact on the person. This could be caused for someone if they were bullied in school for many years, a result of emotional trauma through experienced years of being devalued by a person or an institution, and other common emotionally damaging factors. While it may not stand out as obviously as other forms of abuse, emotional abuse is still a cause of PTSD and requires PTSD counseling and therapy in the same way.

Physical abuse is simpler to define. Having someone physically hit you and cause you harm on a physical level is physical abuse. This is the type of abuse that domestic violence victims have suffered. While the physical injuries that are caused by this type of abuse are easily seen, it also leaves an emotional wound on the victim and this trauma is what triggers the symptoms of PTSD in an individual.

Sexual abuse is any type of violation of a person’s consent and bodily autonomy in sexual experiences. Victims of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment are often traumatized by the event, especially events that occur multiple times over a long period. The physical and sexual abuse can lead to a person having issues with their self-worth and feeling that your body is in danger of being abused is a cause of great stress and trauma. At our facility, we work with patients through all of the different abuses that lead to trauma, as well as trauma caused by seeing or experiencing violence. Learn more about our PTSD Counseling and how we can help.

Why PTSD Counseling Experts are a Must for Your Treatment

One of the most common misconceptions about people that suffer from PTSD is that they could simply stop the behaviors that are associated with their symptoms. Our trauma informed care and PTSD counseling is centered around an understanding that trauma is difficult to process and heal from and that it is not your fault that you experienced trauma. Meeting you at the source of your trauma and providing real expert insight into your experience is what makes our facility such an effective place to heal from PTSD.

PTSD counseling is an important part of the therapy that you will work through at our facility. It is important because you will be working individually and in groups with a counselor that is trained specifically in trauma and PTSD healing. This makes a big difference because for those that are suffering from the effects of trauma, there needs to be someone that can listen and help you understand that you are not alone. This is not your fault and it is important to understand that you are not defined by the symptoms of your PTSD or your trauma. The licensed expert PTSD counseling staff we provide will meet you where you are on your journey and help create an individualized therapy plan that will aid you as you recover. 

Are you looking for a place that understands where you are coming from? Are you ready to open up and talk with one of our counselors about the events in your life that may have brought you to our door? If so, our PTSD counseling staff is ready to provide you with the complete care that you need to heal. It will shock you to discover how quickly your recovery can happen when you open yourself up to the expert therapy techniques and counseling that our staff provides to each and every client in our care.

If you are looking to live your life free of the crippling bouts of anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, and hyperactivity that is plaguing you because of your PTSD, then this is the right place for you. With PTSD counseling, our therapists can help you uncover the deeply buried trauma that is at the root of your PTSD and begin to help you heal. 

It is not necessary for you to carry the weight of these events for the rest of your life. While there will always be some effects to the memories that you have, it does not have to be something that hinders the way that you live on a day-to–day basis. Over time, our facility has seen some of the most intense cases of PTSD and have worked alongside people with deeply hidden traumas to uncover them, heal, and begin to live a free and full life. Now is the time for you to get the help that you deserve with PTSD counseling. Recovering at our Alcohol & Drug Rehab has been the decision that has brought many the wholeness that they needed. When you tour our facilities, we guarantee that you will see the difference that we are making and join us on your own healing journey.

How We Can Help with PTSD Counseling

What makes PTSD counseling so important is the fact that everyone has experienced different types of trauma and has different types of responses based on their individual experiences. While the brain responds in the same way to these different forms of trauma, it may not be so easy for each person to realize what has caused the PTSD they are experiencing now.

In cases of substance abuse, you may have effectively stopped your brain from beginning to process your trauma for a long time. This does not mean that the trauma goes away or that you are any closer to finding the wholeness that you are looking for in life. Many people that suffer from PTSD also suffer from addiction, but it is important to know that the substance is not the main source of your problems.

Our team understands that dealing with the root cause of the trauma with informed PTSD counseling and combining it with our other therapy methods like EDMR and Neurofeedback, CBT, DBT, Psychotherapy, and several other evidence based forms of treatment, we can resolve the rooted problem. While it may seem scary to consider the possibility of opening up about the traumatic events in your life, it is a necessary part of the healing process. Our team understands how difficult this can be, which is why our PTSD counseling team is careful and patient, allowing you to uncover your experiences in a safe environment.

Regardless of what has lead you to the realization that you need PTSD counseling, it is important that you remember that you deserve to find healing. Living with shame, fear, and regret because of trauma that you experienced is not the path that you have to take. There is healing  in knowing that you no longer have to hide from yourself or others. You can find the same level of healing that other clients have, which can lead to you taking back your life and move forward.  We have worked with victims of abuse and violence that come from a variety of backgrounds and we know that our methods are proven to work.

One of the best ways to begin your path to PTSD counseling and healing from trauma is to come and give our facility a tour. We can show you all of the state of the art therapy tools and counselors that are here to provide you with the most complete care as you work through the trauma you have experienced. Whether you need help with PTSD and substance abuse, or only one of the two, our staff is prepared to help you reach your goals and feel at home in your body once again. (949) 386-2715