All outpatient groups at our Drug Rehab Centers are designed to address not only those issues you have that led to your addiction, but your inability to live fully and not live your life in fear. Fear saps your energy and drives you to do things you don’t want to do. It causes you to live incongruent with your values and beliefs. Fear drives you to substances that numb you so we don’t have to feel fear. 

Sometimes, as our feelings come back from being numbed for many years, it is hard to find the right words to describe what’s happening to you internally. To be surrounded by peers who know what you are going through makes it safe to express yourself. You have spent years burying feelings and losing your voice. Now, it’s time to reestablish your presence on the planet and our staff is excited to help you accomplish this mission! 

Outpatient is truly an important piece to the puzzle of life. The groups you attend are an extension of all the processes and education you received on inpatient. Or, if you just need some help getting off the “party train” Outpatient groups are perfect to remind you of what’s important and what’s real. Think of group as “open heart surgery”. 

Group is a kind of mini society called a therapeutic community. In this community you will be expected to hold yourself and others accountable, bring up any issues you are having and to help others bring up their issues as well. The relationships you form here, and the healthy coping, communication, accountability and responsibility skills you learn here, will translate over to your private life.

You should plan on attending for a minimum of at least 3 months while you are adjusting to the newfound freedoms, or re-stabilizing after a month’s long “run”. However, there is no reason you should have to fight a good fight alone ever again! In the darkest of your addiction you isolated daily and used purely alone. At our Drug Rehab, you need never feel alone!

In Intensive Outpatient (IOP) you will spend around three to four days per week at least at three hours each time you come to treatment. In IOP you are only asked to attend nine to twelve hours per week. 

General Outpatient (GOP) is a personalized program developed around your personal issues. It would be difficult to provide a general definition regarding the criteria involving a GOP treatment program. You can expect to attend anywhere from one to three times per week at 3 hours each treatment episode. 

The final level of care is Aftercare or Alumni. This is not a mandatory part of treatment but is highly advised if you want to remain sober. Think of exercising daily. Once you get in a routine you become really healthy and fit. However, the minute you stop, all of your hard work starts to deteriorate. This is the same case when it comes to giving your mind and spirit a good workout on a daily basis! 

We have a true passion to stop the suffering associated with drug and alcohol use and do it through a number of treatment approaches that research has been able to prove efficient and effective. Let us show you how to live again!

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