At our drug rehab center, we value our client’s confidentiality and do everything in our power to protect their privacy. We do this so they can focus entirely on their recovery. Confidentiality is not only the cornerstone of all programs, but a crucial part of a treatment program as well. We walk that fine line between getting rid of your secrets which keeps addiction alive and protecting you and your loved one from the stigma that still exists surrounding addictions of any kind. 

Protecting your privacy is our number one priority. In order to recover, all the secrets you’ve been hiding must be out in the open. Disclosing personal issues is never easy, but with our promise of confidentiality, you will be able to unburden yourself of all the issues that have led to your addictions, as well as put the past once and for all.

You may have heard of HIPPA at your doctor’s office. HIPPA requires that certain legal documents are in place to talk to anyone about your medical care. However, in certain situations HIPPA does allow certain information to be released without a signed consent. We take that a step further because even the federal government realizes that without special protections in place, the stigma of addiction can ruin lives almost as well as the addiction can! 

The federal government requires us to make sure that anyone we talk to about your case, has to be approved in writing, by you. Otherwise we can’t tell anyone, not even your family, that you are receiving services from us. This is HIPPA 42 CFR Part 2, and the government is strict! This includes on-line therapy as well. We will also never purposely sell or trade your private data to anyone for any cause.

With more and more therapy and substance abuse programs using technology, there are newer requirements for programs using on-line or tele-health programs, social media, texting or other electronic communication with clients. Our policy is very clear on what the staff at our Drug Rehab Centers can and can’t do and what is allowed by federal law. 

We will go above and beyond what the federal government requires in order to protect you! This allows you and your family to relax and feel free to be able to tell your therapist all the details of your issues without fear that your personal information does not get released. Even your insurance company will only know you are in our program, not what you disclose while in our program.

Upon initiating contact with us and communicating verbally or in writing; you expressly waive all liabilities and personal rights toward us, its affiliates, etc. You also agree to not hold suit against us in any and all efforts we pursue to place you in the proper level of care. During this process, we must compile information related to your health care and must be able to share as minimal as possible to ensure you receive the best treatment care possible.

Having said all this…what does it really mean? Well, something that we are really proud of is the fact we are implementing some state of the art online therapy that is in fact HIPAA compliant! What this means for you in short is simple. You and your family can conduct long term and/or long distance therapy via the internet. One quick way to better understand this is through a quick vignette.

Let’s say a mother is in distress because she just found out her son is using hard core substances that could potentially kill him! She does her research and finds out that our Drug Rehab Centers in Utah County has some of the best resources to help someone who is suffering with a dual diagnosis condition (mental health and substance abuse issues). The only problem is that she lives in Maryland and cannot afford to go to Utah for a family therapy visit every time it is conducted.

With HIPAA compliant online therapy the mom can join sessions for both family and individual therapy. She and her partner can learn the healthy boundaries necessary to ensure their son is going to endure a long-term recovery. Furthermore, the parents need to have an outlet to process their feelings and issues as they often get tossed to the wayside as the addict in need of help takes all of the attention never considering the innocent bystander’s feelings or experiences!

Also the son, once he successfully completes our treatment but does not want to stick around for sober living or outpatient, then has lost all the connections and experiences he developed with our Drug Treatment Program. Well…not any longer now that he can stay connected with a therapist for as long as he needs to ensure he has the right tools and skills set in place!

The possibilities of how you mix and match this technology are endless. Please get in contact with us and see how our online therapy can help your personal needs! 

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