If you are wondering how long treatment is and what are the programs you can choose from, our Drug Rehab has the answers for you!  First, if you are in physical withdrawals, you need to be detoxified. The drugs need to be allowed out of your body before the healing work can be done. If you do not need detox and are coming in for an assessment for inpatient, the stay generally runs between 30-90 days. This also depends on your needs, your work and family situation and your insurance.

We do not want an insurance company insisting you be placed on a lower level of care simply because it does not want to honor its behavioral health clause. Our staff can help you maneuver this tangle of rules and regulations so we may provide the best care you can require.

The next step after inpatient, and often the first step out of addiction is outpatient. Here is where you will incorporate all the skills you have learned if you completed inpatient (or learn new in outpatient), the challenges our knowledgeable staff will give you, and build bonds of trust with the staff and each other. 

Our Outpatient Programs consist of Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and General Outpatient (GOP) which is a step down from (IOP). During both programs, you can expect to produce random urine analysis (UA) tests and learn more high-quality psycho-education and therapeutic skills. Our outpatient care is used as a safety net to make sure you do not accidentally relapse and fall back into old addictive patterns, people and habits. 

However, in the event you end up finding yourself in need of more intensive care, here at our drug rehab center we can help with that as well. We would never begin to tell anyone when they are “done”! Other rehabs are in the habit of keeping you right up to the point your insurance runs out then telling you “You’re done!”. We feel that’s very unethical. How could any one of us possibly know when you are “done”? 

If you do find yourself feeling a little bit alone or scared even though you are in our outpatient drug rehab, you can always take full advantage of our sober living housing. Furthermore, we only use actual homes and not tiny apartments or complexes. We actually go to great lengths to help you feel like you actually belong in the community. We truly want you to feel comfortable and relaxed while figuring out just how to navigate through life drug and alcohol free!

We would ask for at least a 30 day commitment simply to be able to give you all the information you need to make changes. There has been so much research the last 5 or so years that to try and teach it to you too fast would be doing you a great disservice! We would not presume to know how you feel or what you think! We rely on you. 

You have come into this process wanting to get better. We trust that you will not want to rush the process only to have to complete it again at a later date. If you are being honest with us, and more importantly yourself, you will have the best odds for success.

During all of our rehab programming, we offer both in person family therapy as well as private confidential online therapy to both our clients and their loved ones for long after they successfully complete our program. In addition to our personalized therapeutic care, we offer a wide range of fun and exciting recreational activities that are sure to get your blood pumping in a safe and natural way!

We also have a full after care program that allows you to attend aftercare groups, free of charge for as long as you like. The average length of stay is between 30-120 days depending on you, your needs and your treatment plan.

Give us a call to see if our PTSD and Trauma Based Addiction Recovery program is right for you? (949) 386-2715