Bio-Sound is a hybrid of Biofeedback and Music Therapy, both of which are evidence-based practices. Biofeedback in one form or another has been used by Tibetan Monks, Yogis and others for over 5,000 years! Yogis have proven to be able to slow down their heart rate, increase or decrease their body temperature, and decrease their need for oxygen! Yoga, Meditation, Chanting and other mind/body self-regulating and balancing techniques have been used instinctively for thousands of years.

By combining sound, breath and rhythm, Chanting, or using a mantra during meditation is believed to channel the flow of energy through the mind-body neural pathways and balancing brain hemisphere imbalances. Himalayan Singing Bowls have been used for thousands of years for sound vibration believed to create a brain balance and emotional healing. Using music or sound as a healing medium dates back thousands and thousands of years. The label “Music Therapy” was developed during WWI and WWII, when music was used in Hospitals as way to help wounded soldiers to deal with traumatic war injuries.

At that time, the main focus was on relieving pain by relieving the perception of pain. What resulted was a huge impact music had on the psychological, physiological, cognitive, and emotional states of those in the hospital. Since then, the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) has shown scientifically that music in any form whether instruments, singing, chanting or tonal (Singing Bowls) shows a benefit for those suffering from Depression, Anxiety, (PTSD) Post-Traumatic Stress disorder, Addictions, and chronic pain.

Biofeedback was a name given by the scientific research that was being administered into these methods in the late 1960’s. During that time, there was a movement devoted to peace and harmony that embraced Yoga, Transcendental Medication, Chanting and all forms of brain/body connection and healing. Although this was looked on as a “Hippie” phenomena, Universities and Veteran Administration Hospitals began to see positive effects of music and meditation on returning Vietnam Veterans who had picked up techniques while in Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet and China. Doctors were again seeing the benefits of music or sound therapy on wounded soldiers, many of who had deep opiate addictions and other drug dependencies upon returning to the United States.

In our programs, we incorporate all forms of healing, not just those Western ideas. We utilize everything from Drum Circles, to Chanting and Mantra’s, to using virtual reality music and sound experiences! We don’t believe in a “one size fits all “approach to treating addictions or the psychological causes of addictions. We believe in treating the whole person and teaching them how to treat themselves in the future. We know we cannot be there for your entire life, ready to step in but we will give you the tools and knowledge of where to find more so that you, the expert on yourself, can treat your own symptoms and use the techniques learned to create your own peace and serenity.

Come see how we are different. Come experience your life the way you never thought possible. Come find the real you! Call (949) 386-2715 to speak to our staff to learn more about how our Bio Feedback therapy can help you with your PTSD and trauma related substance abuse disorder issues.