Aside from personalized substance abuse and addiction treatment; we specialize in PTSD and Trauma Focused Therapy. Every clinician on our team from our residential inpatient facilities down to sober living and outpatient rehab is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) trained and certified!

What this means for you is true and lasting healing! Imagine finally being able to be actually be comfortable with yourself! You are no longer needing the help from alcohol or drugs to feel semi-normal. You can finally live the life you have always dreamed of or knew was possible!

Experience our PTSD Rehab difference!


Our Drug Rehab Centers offers a welcoming, gender specific Residential Center. Sitting at the beautiful mountains, our Rehab provides a tranquil and serene environment.  

Residential Rehab Features:

  • On-site staff 24/7
  • Open, spacious common areas
  • Chef-prepared nutritious meals
  • Family-style, communal dining 
  • Comfortable home-like atmosphere
  • Serene outdoor gathering spaces
  • Separate family therapy & group rooms
  • On-Site Doctor & Nursing Medical Providers
  • Recreational therapy: Exercise/Gym, Sports, Hiking, etc.
  • Therapy Room
  • Theater Room
  • Onsite exercise and workout facility
  • Private bathrooms

Multiple Beautiful Stunning Views!

It’s Nature at it’s Best!

Our Drug Rehab offers a welcoming gender specific Residential Center. Nestled within beautiful mountains, our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers has been customized to allow for a tailored approach that benefits individuals at the introduction of their journey. This location has been designed to enhance patient recovery and maximize healing. Situated on 2 acres of lush landscape and surrounded by mature cottonwood trees, you will quickly settle in with the serene surroundings.

PTSD Residential Rehab Features:

  • On-site staff 24/7
  • Open, spacious common areas
  • Chef-prepared nutritious meals
  • Family-style, communal dining
  • Comfortable home-like atmosphere
  • Serene outdoor gathering spaces
  • Separate family therapy & group rooms
  • On Site 24/7 Nursing
  • Medical Doctor Providers

Our Drug Rehab Centers are locally owned and operated facilities. When you first arrive at our program, you will be greeted by our warm, friendly, and compassionate staff. They will help you walk you through the maze of insurance requirements, our medical intake process will assess your physical condition and any withdrawal potential and our clinical intake process will assess the degree of treatment you may need.

At this time, one of our clinical staff will meet with you and orient you to the program, determine which groups and which therapist will be a good fit for you and conduct a thorough biopsychosocial assessment so you can receive personalized, individual care. Our goal is to help you heal from any past traumas, mental health issues and your addictions.

It is very important that you give us the most honest, complete answer to the questions we need to ask as possible. We have a number of specialized groups and a number of therapists who specialize in various disorders. If you have trauma issues, we would not want to put you into a group where you would not feel safe to disclose those issues, and we would want to assign you a therapist with specialized training in trauma.

 Our Rehab’s private and luxurious drug rehab treatment also provides healing and lasting peace from trauma and/or PTSD which may be driving your addictions. We understand that no one addict’s personal issues they are struggling with are alike. We know this is the time you are willing to work on those issues driving your addictions. We applaud that!  Let our clinical staff help you find out what those issues currently are!  After so many years of numbing out and burying anything or anyone who reminded you or triggered you into feeling pain, you may not even remember what the original issues are! Our skilled therapists are experts in recovering the lost “you”. 

We will only go where you want to go in your past. Some people find it may not be that hard of a process, others find it extremely difficult. Either way, we are there for you. Your commitment to getting help is not an easy one and we simply want you to have the best experience, and the latest evidence-based treatments available. Our Drug Treatment offers exactly that. We will take the necessary time to sit down with you and thoroughly examine what is going on in your life and how you got here through a number of different ways.  

We also pay extra attention to your physical needs when it comes to treating your addictions. For instance, there are certain medications that work well with medications used for addiction, and there are medications that do not work well at all and can actually be dangerous. Your family doctor, while being well trained in your overall health and medical care, probably does not have the expertise to assist you with withdrawal medications, as well as mental health medications.

 Upon entering our beautiful, welcoming facility, you will be greeted by our front office staff who will walk you through a safe and calm intake process designed to prioritize your needs, whether that’s linking you to our medical staff to help you in eliminating current withdrawal symptoms and stabilizing you safely and quickly, or having you meet with one of our intake counselors to assess how to best work around your employment, insurance and treatment needs.

We offer residential drug treatment and two options for outpatient treatment, Intensive Outpatient and General Outpatient. The intake counselor will work with you and guide you so you can determine which one of our programs will be the best fit for you. The process is all about you and your needs, not our pocketbooks!

You Really Need To See It For Yourself!


Each patient will also participate in case management and will have an individual counselor who will be utilizing Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs to ensure patients have basic needs met before attempting to engage in the therapeutic process. This will take place within the first week of entering into our program. We also provide random drug screening as appropriate and in compliance with all State and Federal regulations, and to meet the standards of any Court or Court mandated supervision programs you may be involved with.

Once you are oriented to the program, and groups and a therapist has been assigned, you are introduced to the other patients or “residents”. These people will be like your surrogate family while you are with us. We have heard from patients that the bonds that are formed in the groups and during the activities are some of the strongest friendships they have experienced. It is comforting to be surrounded by people who know what you are feeling and what you are experiencing.

We have some of the best clinicians! They are fully licensed, credentialed, trained, educated and experienced in helping you overcome not only your addictions, but stabilizing and treating any mental health issues you may have. They use evidence-based techniques and programming designed to help you. We always work as a team, for you, and with you. We pride ourselves on being one of the few programs where the patient is an integral part of the treatment team.

As an addiction treatment program, we are licensed and regulated, (as well as audited) under a set of Federal laws listed under 42 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 8. These laws were put in place to protect not only the privacy but the overall safety of patients in addiction programs. These laws mandate that addiction programs use individual treatment plans, have a set of rights for patients, dictate that all patients on medications must be seen by a doctor at least weekly, and that they are treated with the utmost respect and all treatment is consented to by the patient in writing.

Our Drug Rehab is accredited: There are several accreditation agencies in the country, but the most popular and well-known CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities is who we obtain our accreditation through our exclusive Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers. They hold us to the highest standards, just like the ones hospitals are held to.

Our Mission: Our goal is to empower those affected by the disease of addiction and help them overcome the bonds of dependency. We offer treatment of the highest quality for those suffering addiction and co-occurring disorders in a private, compassionate setting within a safe and secure location. We seek to eliminate fear and hopelessness by providing heightened life and recovery skills to prepare our residents their mission to actualize a life of true freedom and happiness.

Our philosophy is simple: We are here for you. You deserve the help and time we will provide. Nothing you have done as an addict or alcoholic makes you any less worthy or deserving of our care. Unlike other rehab programs who filter out “hard” patients, or who only seem to be successful because they only accept “easy” cases, we don’t categorize our patients that way. 

Reach out to our Drug Rehab. We are here waiting! In treating addiction, and co-occurring mental health diagnoses, we have found that each person needs specialized attention, from a highly-trained staff, who will be their teacher, advocate and supporter throughout the recovery process. Our experienced and professional staff uses focused, individualized treatment plans to do just that. Our approach is personal, yet comprehensive, and treats the medical, physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of our clients as they pursue healing.

Our addiction recovery program is rated number one for a number of reasons. Mainly because we are able to address all of the symptoms associated with the disease of addiction.

Give us a call to see if our PTSD and Trauma Based Addiction Recovery program is right for you? 

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